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Hire Graduation / Convocation Gowns

We have an easy rental programme wherein universal sized, standard plain black graduation and convocation gowns and caps can be rented out anywhere in India. There is a simple 5 step process which the customer needs to follow:

  1. Tell us your required Quantity
  2. Tell us the Location of delivery
  3. Deposit amount (this includes rent for the number of days the graduation gown/convocation gown is required + risk deposit + dry-wash charges + transport charges).
  4. Return item
  5. Risk deposit refunded

The customer should clearly mention the quantity required and the location to which the items need to be delivered.

We use reputed delivery companies and ensure that the graduation gowns and caps are delivered in prime condition.

The refundable risk deposit covers any damages to the gowns/caps at the customer’s end, or, if the items are not returned  for whatsoever reason.

We collect dry-wash charges, ensuring that the gowns and caps are hygienic for subsequent usage.

Rent is calculated from the day the graduation gown and cap is delivered to you, till the time you have despatched back the same. Within five days of receiving the graduation gown and cap, we will refund the risk deposit through cheque.




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I received the item on time .I love their collection as I am a regular visitor to their store and now I can buy their designer kurtis and other items...


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