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About us

We are among the best Academic Robes / Graduation Gowns / Convocation Gowns manufacturers in India. We recognize that graduation is an unforgettable and time sensitive event. With that understanding in mind, we assure the best customer service and punctual delivery of graduation gowns and convocation gowns. Backed by experience of twenty years, we manufacture all types of quality academic robes which numerous educational institutions have been using to outfit their graduates.

Nowadays, graduation gowns and convocation gowns are mainly used during graduation ceremonies. A graduation ceremony recognizes and honours students for successfully completing an academic programme. The gowns used by the students are a key factor in signifying the solemnity and splendour of such a monumental achievement. 

We assure you that you are dealing with a company that gives you, the customer, the topmost priority, by attiring you with the best quality graduation gown and cap at the most competitive price, on the most important day of your academic life.


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Hi I orderd Khadi Silk saree from them and I got in in 3 days and the saree I got was as it was shown in the picture . I am happy with the service and...


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